“When we needed an answer for our GPS needs we contacted Sure Track. Sure Track was quick to respond and gave us the proper equipment to track our fleet. I would recommend Sure Track to anyone in the trucking industry.”

Shannon - V.P. Operations, Macro Oil


Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions page should help answer common questions associated with our GPS tracking devices. If you have other questions please call our 24/7 toll free customer service line at 888-349-2798 or email us at support@gpssuretrack.com.

Does the device work anywhere in the United States?

Yes, all Sure Track devices will work anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. (Special Rates may apply for Canada and Mexico. Please contact us for assistance outside the U.S.) [ top ]

How will I know if the device will work in my vehicle?

The GPS-10 device will work in any vehicle manufacture in 1996 or later. There is a government mandate for all vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later to have the exact OBD port in all vehicles. Sure Track also offers other devices for older vehicles. Please contact us for more information.[ top ]

Are there external antennas that attach to the device?

No, the antenna is enclosed within the device.[ top ]

Does the Sure Track Device come with a warranty?

Yes, all devices sold by Sure Track come with a one year warranty.[ top ]

Can I view the GPS tracking from my cell phone?

Yes, you can view the tracking information from any internet capable computer or cell phone.[ top ]

What if I don't have an OBD port?

Sure Track also offers other devices that will install using different methods. Please contact us for more information.[ top ]

Does my purchase include software updates?

Yes, Sure Track provides the latest updates for your device, and it is automatically downloaded to Sure Track's website. This is done at no cost to the customer. [ top ]

Is the Sure Track software GPS based?

Yes, vehicle locations and times are pinpointed using the Global Position Satellite (GPS) System and then transmitted (in real time) to our data center over our secure cellar networks.[ top ]

Do you offer discounts for volume orders?

Yes, please contact us at 888-349-2798 for special rates with volume orders.[ top ]

What else is offered with the Sure Track device?

With the Sure Track device, you have the option to receive email alerts for various triggers (i.e. speeding vehicles, or GEO-Fencing -entering or exiting a defined area). Sure Track also offers 24/7 customer service. [ top ]